Weddings from 2017-2018

In the last 2 years I've been so busy I forgot I have a website to manage :) . Have a Look at some of my 2017 -2018 wedding photos - small selection. #weddingphotographerprices #fotografnuntalondra #expensivewedding #wedding #barnet #reading #oxford #windsor #northlondon #northwestlondon #enfield #millhill

Is Wedding Photography really exspensive?

Is Wedding Photography really exspensive? There is a general belief that wedding photography is expensive, and that wedding photographers service charges are high. But it is very important for every bride and groom to know the reasons behind the expensiveness of wedding photography; so they won’t have the impression that they are billed unreasonably. Below are a list of reasons why wedding photographers charge so much. Be aware that the work of a wedding photographer continu