I'm also a Baby and Newborn Photographer

Until my son was born I would not even touch a newborn or baby, let alone trying to photograph them, however now I have done about 100 baby photo sessions in about 30 months since my son was born From September 2012 I offer baby and newborn photo sessions - click here for more photos #constantinmenier #newbornphotographerNorthLondon #fotografnuntalondra

Is Wedding Photography really exspensive?

Is Wedding Photography really exspensive? There is a general belief that wedding photography is expensive, and that wedding photographers service charges are high. But it is very important for every bride and groom to know the reasons behind the expensiveness of wedding photography; so they won’t have the impression that they are billed unreasonably. Below are a list of reasons why wedding photographers charge so much. Be aware that the work of a wedding photographer continu

Why hire a Professional Photographer - no matter the event you have - London

If you are having a wedding or engagement party in London it may be in your best interest to trust a professional photographer to capture your special day or event. Professional wedding photography by Constantin Menier is available as one of the top wedding photographers in London. Here are some of the advantages that you can receive by hiring on a professional London wedding photographer like Constantin Menier. 1. Making sure that you capture each moment: professional qual

This is should become a tradition :)

Today I stumbled on one of my old articles, Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Day, but not on my web site, apparently I was featured on a Wedding and Marriage blog from Eastern Europe. And because the article was originally posted on my website long time ago, why not recap some of the reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day, especially hire Constantin Menier, this means hire me :) A professional wedding photo

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Day

“I have a friend who knows how to handle a camera and takes awesome pictures”; “My colleague aspires to be a wedding photographer and he won’t charge us”; “My cousin has a sophisticated camera, we can as well use him.” These are some of the reasons why some couples don’t want to hire a professional wedding photographer. At the end of the day, they have themselves to blame (they regret ever using an amateur). Your wedding day is a day you’re filled with joy and excitement,